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How Important is Tongue Cleaning?

While brushing your teeth is imperative in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease, a recent study found cleaning your tongue is also an important part of good oral hygiene. The Iwate (Japan) Medical University crossover study, released in January, concluded that even though tongue cleaning didn’t suppress dental plaque formation it did significantly… Read more »

Cure Bad Breath Before Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, bad breath is the result of respiratory or gastrointestinal problem. Sometimes, it’s due to a health condition, like diabetes. Usually, however, bad breath persists because poor hygiene has allowed bacteria to overwhelm your mouth and release volatile sulfur compounds that taint your breath as it passes through your mouth. If your bad breath doesn’t… Read more »

Austin Dentist Discusses S. Mutans—The Reason Candy Causes Cavities

Aside from the joy that comes with summer being just on the horizon, children (and inner-children) may also jump in excitement to learn that June is National Candy Month! Before you dig into countless treats with exuberant abandon, however, your Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, reiterates a warning that most of us should be familiar… Read more »

Healthy Smile Tips from Your Austin General Dentist

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is not a difficult process, but it does require diligence on your part, as well as regular professional maintenance. While brushing and flossing your teeth are essential, simply running your brush across your teeth and flossing only when you feel something between your teeth will not prove very effective… Read more »

Thorough Dental Cleanings in Austin

Last week, we discussed the importance of supplementing your daily hygiene routine with regular visits to your family dentist every six months (or sooner, if recommended). You may know that brushing and flossing your teeth every day helps control the buildup of dental plaque, which is comprised almost entirely of various oral bacteria, some of… Read more »

Austin Dentist Explores the Usefulness of Baking Soda

If dentistry had superstars, baking soda would be on the A-list. Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda has many uses outside of dental care, from cleaning multiple surfaces throughout your house to eliminating offensive odors. Its myriad uses, however, do not diminish its effectiveness at keeping your teeth clean and healthy. In times past,… Read more »

Is A Cavity-Free Future Possible with the Keep 32 Molecule?

Imagine a world with no toothaches, no need for fillings, and no guilt (as far as teeth go) with eating a cupcake. That’s the world two scientists—one from Yale University, and one from Universidad de Santiago in Chile—envisioned when they discovered the Keep 32 molecule. This molecule is touted with the ability to destroy the… Read more »