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How Long Does a Dental Crown Last? Austin Dentist Answers

Dental restorations, including crowns, are not meant to last a lifetime.While many patients have reported having their crowns for 15 years without any trouble, others might need a replacement crown much sooner. Many factors can cause crowns to fail. Thankfully, replacing a crown is common and quite easy. Factors that Attribute to Crown Failure

Austin, TX Dentist Discusses One-Visit Dental Crowns

In the past, manufacturing dental crowns required the use of a ceramics lab; yet, with the help of CEREC technology, neither the patient nor the doctor needs to wait for dental restorations. It’s now possible to create one-visit dental crownswith an in-office milling machine. To explain how CEREC technology works to create one-visit dental crowns,… Read more »

Broken Tooth? Austin, TX Dentist Explains What to Do

Do you know how to treat a broken tooth? If you’ve answered no, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know how to treat or handle a dental emergency. However, by taking the correct steps, patients can avoid causing any further damage to the affected area. Here, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, your Austin, TX dentist discusses… Read more »

Austin, TX Dentist: Why Have You Lost a Tooth?

Do you have a few missing teeth and wondered, why have I lost a tooth or two? Rest assured this a question many Americans ask themselves and their dentists. The answer is that there isn’t one clear-cut answer. The problem with tooth loss is that it can stem from a number of different reasons, which… Read more »

Oral Cancer FAQs from Your South Austin Dentist

This past Sunday was National Cancer Survivors’ Day, an annual celebration of life observed on the first Sunday in June. Cancer can affect any part of the body, but Dr. Van Wicklen would like to share information with you about oral cancer. In the United States, this disease claims a life every hour of every day. To protect yourself… Read more »

Arthritis Awareness Month: Dental Health and Arthritis

During these first few weeks of May, have you been wearing more blue?  If not, consider making a change to your wardrobe because it’s Arthritis Awareness Month and people nationwide are being urged to “Go blue for arthritis!” by the Arthritis National Research Foundation, a group that has been funding research to find a cure… Read more »