Austin Dentist Looks at Dentures Past and Present

What is your mental image of dentures? Do you picture a bulky set of fake-looking teeth floating in a glass? If so, your mental image may be a bit outdated. Recent years have seen some incredible advances in the field of prosthetic teeth. To illustrate these advances, your Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, is comparing dentures of the past to today’s modern dentures.

Wooden Teeth?

It is a popular legend that George Washington, a supremely important figure in our country’s past, wore prosthetic teeth made out of wood. However, researchers tell us that the legend is not altogether true. While Washington did indeed wear prosthetic teeth, they were not made of wood. Instead, Washington’s dentures were made out of several materials including human teeth and hippopotamus ivory. There is also documentation that Washington’s dentures were uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful and that he often struggled with his dentures because of imprecise fits.

Dentures of the Recent Past

Several years ago, the dentures were significantly better than those Washington wore, but still cumbersome and of an unrealistic appearance. Their weight and size made these dentures uncomfortable to wear and also less stable, resulting in difficulty speaking and the potential for embarrassing slips.

Today’s Dentures

Modern dentures are lighter and sleeker than ever before. Because of these advances, today’s dentures are more comfortable and less prone to slipping. Advances in the cosmetic side of the dentures have also lent them a more pleasing appearance as today’s prosthetic teeth are able to mimic even the way light reflects off of natural teeth. So if you are missing your teeth and you want a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution, consider dentures from your Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen.

Dentures from Your Austin Dentist

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