Don’t let missing teeth interfere with your confidence, diet, health, and quality of life. Dr. Van Wicklen offers a variety of teeth replacement options, including full and partial dentures. After your exam, Dr. Van Wicklen will review the options and help you determine the best solution for your case.

Full Dentures

Dr. Van Wicklen often suggests full dentures for patients who have lost all teeth. These prosthetic devices contain a full row of replacement teeth placed in a gum-colored base. The base is custom designed to fit securely with the ridges of the gums. After an initial adjustment period wearing dentures, most patients find them to be comfortable and secure.

Partial Dentures

When patients have some healthy teeth, a partial denture can replace missing teeth, fitting like a puzzle piece with existing teeth. In most cases, partials attach to healthy teeth with hidden clasps. Why replace missing teeth, especially if spaces aren’t obvious when you smile? Each tooth in your mouth is responsible for a part of eating food. When some back teeth are missing, remaining teeth shift into the space to compensate for the work of chewing food. This shifting changes how upper and lower teeth fit together, so your bite may become misaligned. A misaligned bite can lead to teeth grinding and wear, as well as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). Furthermore, once teeth shift into the spaces, replacing the few missing teeth is no longer an option. There is no room for them. At this point, replacing teeth with full dentures may be the only solution.

Implant Dentures

Another option is dental implants. A few strategically placed implants can secure a partial or full denture and eliminate the need for adhesive, suction, and daily denture care. Implant-retained dentures don’t slip, wobble, or move. Instead, they are securely attached to implant posts. Learn more about options for dental implants.

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