Your First Visit

At your initial appointment, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our front office staff. Usually, a first visit involves a comprehensive dental checkup. If you’ve had a dental cleaning in the past six months, we can schedule your cleaning for just after the checkup.

Registration as a New Patient

Dentistry is an important part of your overall healthcare. As your dental care provider, Dr. Wicklen needs to have a record of your medical and dental history so that he can provide you with customized care. To begin, our front office team will help you complete new patient paperwork and answer all of your questions. We will need to know all medications you’re currently taking, so bring a list if necessary, please.

To save time, you can print and complete new patient forms at home, then bring them to your appointment. Call our office at 512.448.3131 if you have any questions. Patients who cannot print the forms at home should plan to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to complete paperwork in our office.

Your Initial Exam

One of our dental assistants will escort you to one of our comfortable treatment rooms where Dr. Van Wicklen will spend time reviewing your medical history, listening to your concerns, and introducing you to our office. He will ask questions about what brought you to us and whether you have any dental pain or problems, so that he can gain a better understanding of your situation. We may need to take x-rays to identify the structures of your mouth that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

After a complete evaluation of your mouth, head, and neck, you and Dr. Van Wicklen will formulate a custom plan to preserve and enhance your smile. Please ask questions. Our entire team wants you to understand your dental condition and treatment options so that you can make wise decisions and feel comfortable with your treatment plan.

Before You Go

While the main portion of your visit will be completed in the treatment room, before you leave, we’d like to schedule your next visit, whether it’s a checkup, deep periodontal cleaning, cosmetic consultation, or restorative treatment visit. If you have any questions about your treatment plan, payment options, or scheduling, please ask at check-out. We are also happy to answer questions by phone or email.

We’re transforming lives in Austin, one smile at a time. Contact our dental office today at 512-448-3131 to reserve your appointment with Dr. Van Wicklen, and experience customized care for a truly fantastic smile.