Trust Your Smile to Austin Dentist Dr. Steven Van Wicklen

Dr. Van Wicklen founded his dental practice to improve the beauty, oral health, and lifestyle of patients throughout the Austin area. Over 25 years, he has developed a reputation for excellence in both treatment and service. Dentistry continues to evolve, and as it does, Dr. Van Wicklen continues to demand excellence from our team and lab technicians. He employs the latest technology for top-notch dentistry and total patient satisfaction.

Complete Family Dentistry

Your smile should look amazing and stand the test of time. Whether your family members need general dental care, are interested in dental implants, or would like to improve their appearance with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Van Wicklen will meet or exceed all expectations.

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We’re transforming lives in Austin, one smile at a time. Contact our dental office today at 512-448-3131 to reserve your appointment with Dr. Van Wicklen, and experience customized care for a truly fantastic smile.