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Would you love a perfect smile but cringe at the thought of metal braces and painful orthodontic adjustments? Often, Dr. Van Wicklen, an Invisalign Austin provider, recommends Invisalign clear braces for our older teen and adult patients. This innovative solution uses clear, custom aligners to gently move teeth into the correct position. With Invisalign, you can keep your sophisticated image and achieve a magnificent smile.

The Invisalign Process

Dr. Van Wicklen will use special software to generate your treatment plan from start to finish. He will then send photos and detailed information to our Invisalign-certified lab so that skilled technicians can fabricate your complete set of aligners. You will wear each aligner for about two weeks and move on to the next one in the series.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are removable, so will be able to eat what you want and easily clean your teeth and gums. For the best results, wear the aligners about 22 hours a day. Many of our patients complete Invisalign treatment in 9-18 months, much less time than traditional braces require.

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