The Need for Dental Fillings, with Your Austin Family Dentist

Dental fillings are among the most common dental treatments today. Considering that 90% of adults in America have experienced tooth decay in at least one permanent tooth, the dental filling’s popularity isn’t exactly an anomaly. At your Austin dentist’s office, Dr. Van Wicklen offers advanced dental fillings made of white composite resin to restore your decaying tooth and preserve your smile’s aesthetic value. Today, we discuss the need for dental fillings, and the functional and cosmetic advantages of white composite resin.

The Advancement of Tooth Decay

Your tooth is comprised of layers; the outer protective shell, called enamel, is the strongest and most mineralized substance your body produces. When you eat and drink, certain oral bacteria (known as Streptococcus mutans) convert the sugar and carbs from your meals into acid, which saps minerals from your teeth while attacking and weakening your enamel. Brushing and flossing helps control oral bacteria and the acid they produce, but the more often you snack, or skip a brushing now and then, the more exposed your teeth are to acid. In time, your enamel can wear away and expose your tooth’s main structure, called dentin, to bacterial infection.

As decay sets into your tooth, it eats away your tooth’s dentin, forming holes called cavities that can lead to varying degrees of tooth sensitivity. Typically, treating the decayed tooth requires removing the infection from the tooth’s structure and clearing away lingering bacteria. Since your tooth cannot regrow its structure, the excavation can leave the tooth weakened. Replacing it with a dental filling, however, can reinforce the tooth and protect it from further damage.

A Focus on Cosmetics and Function

Many patients who’ve had to treat tooth decay throughout their lives have benefited from metal amalgam fillings. While highly effective and durable, these fillings can often shine metallically when you speak or smile. Using innovative white composite resin, Dr. Van Wicklen can place a dental filling that matches your tooth’s natural color for improved discretion. Unlike metal fillings, composite resin can also be bonded to your tooth’s structure to create a more effective seal against further bacteria invasion.

Treat Tooth Decay with a White Dental Filling at Your Austin Dentist’s Office

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