Toast the New Year without Worrying About Red Wine Tooth Stains

The end of the year is almost upon us, and while some people may feel that it has come too soon, that will not stop most from celebrating and toasting the end of this year and the beginning of the next. With that glass of red wine, however, comes the risk of red wine staining your teeth. Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, explains how you can protect your smile while you enjoy a glass or several of red wine.

How Red Wine Stains Your Teeth

Various cosmetic dentistry options can help you erase stains from your teeth and restore life to your smile. However, prevention is the best method to a bright smile, and understanding how red wine stains your teeth will prepare you to better protect your teeth. The most obvious reason for staining is the wine’s dark pigment, which is dictated by molecules called chromogens. These molecules have a penchant for clinging to your tooth’s enamel, and red wine’s acidity makes this easier by softening your tooth enamel. By neutralizing acid and minimizing your teeth’s exposure to chromogens, you can reduce risk of red wine accompanying your teeth into the New Year.

Protect Your Smile from Red Wine Stains

  • Brush your teeth—This may seem simple, but Dr. Van Wicklen advises you not to wait until after the party to brush your teeth. Red wine can stain the plaque around your teeth and gums quicker than it stains your actual tooth. Brush and floss your teeth before the festivities to reduce red wine’s staining power.
  • Go for the cheese—Cheese helps strengthen your enamel against acid attacks, and lessen the ability of chromogens to cling to it, by bathing your teeth in calcium. If given a choice, go for the harder cheese, which is offers more calcium.
  • Drink white wine—Swish a glass of white wine or seltzer around your mouth after a glass of red wine. Like a white table cloth or carpet, the liquids can help remove red wine stains from your teeth’s white surfaces.

If your teeth stain in spite of your best efforts, contact your Austin dentist to learn about our professional tooth-whitening options. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Van Wicklen by calling 512-448-3131. Located in the 78704 area, we proudly serve the cities of Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Bastrop, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, and all surrounding communities.