Cosmetic Dentist Explains Treatments for Improved Smiles

If you ever feel dissatisfied by the appearance of your smile, whether you have small imperfections, like chips, or more widespread issues like discoloration, cosmetic dentistry is your ticket to a more beautiful smile. From treating a single issue to addressing multiple concerns at once, your Austin Tx cosmetic dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, will improve the appearance of your smile. He will sit down with you to create a cosmetic treatment plan tailored to your particular goals. Keep in mind that cosmetic dentistry can often address mild misalignment, as well. If you are under the impression that you need braces to correct small spaces or gently overlapping teeth, speak with our team at Steven Van Wicklen, DDS, so we can guide you toward achieving the smile of your dreams.

A Whiter Smile

If you are happy with the shape and appearance of your teeth and their structure, but you are not so satisfied with their stains or discoloration, visit your Austin Tx cosmetic dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, to discuss teeth whitening treatment.

For teeth whitening, we offer at-home treatment with the use of custom-fitted trays. You will visit us, so we can take impressions of your teeth. We will send the impressions to a dental lab, where they will create your trays. During your follow-up visit, we will show you how to fill the trays with bleaching gel, and provide instructions for daily use and the full duration of your treatment. After you wear these trays for the full treatment course, your teeth will appear several shades whiter. The best part about at-home whitening? You can brighten your teeth in the comfort of your own home at your convenience. No matter how busy your schedule becomes, pop those trays in and you are on your way to a whiter smile.

Addressing Mild Imperfections

What looks like a tiny chip to our team is often an imperfection that looks enormous when you look in the mirror, or see yourself in a picture. When you have minor issues, your Austin Tx cosmetic dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, can often offer a dramatic transformation with a simple process called teeth bonding.

With teeth bonding, Dr. Van Wicklen will apply tooth-colored composite to your teeth. This is the same material, composed of synthetic resins, use in tooth-colored fillings. Consider the imperfections we can treat with teeth bonding when determining which cosmetic treatment is right for you:

  • Bonding fills in small spaces between teeth
  • We can lengthen the appearance of your teeth
  • Teeth bonding improves the appearance of awkwardly shaped teeth
  • We can correct small cracks or chips
  • Covers discoloration for individuals with teeth resistant to bleaching
  • Adds coverage to exposed tooth roots, particularly as a result of gum recession

Makeover Your Smile

Perhaps you have a variety of concerns about your teeth and are under the impression you need multiple treatments if you ever want to have a more beautiful smile. This is simply not true. With porcelain veneers, you can address a wide array of imperfections with a single treatment. Veneers are extremely thin ceramic, translucent shells created to look just how you want them. Dr. Van Wicklen bonds them to the visible surfaces of your teeth. The result is a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Look over the following changes that can occur with porcelain veneers, while you make your decision:

  • Improved shape, length, and tooth size
  • Whiter, brighter teeth according to your preferred shade
  • Camouflaged chips, cracks, and other damage
  • Filled in spaces
  • Correction of minor alignment issues

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