How Long Does a Dental Crown Last? Austin Dentist Answers

Dental restorations, including crowns, are not meant to last a lifetime.While many patients have reported having their crowns for 15 years without any trouble, others might need a replacement crown much sooner. Many factors can cause crowns to fail. Thankfully, replacing a crown is common and quite easy.

Factors that Attribute to Crown Failure

  • Excessive wear and tear. Just like natural teeth, dental crowns wear down and can break when a person clenches or grinds teeth, a condition called bruxism. If you’re a bruxer, you need a night guard to protect your crowns and natural teeth from wear and breakage.
  • Tooth decay. If a crown isn’t fitted precisely, space may exist between the crown and remaining natural tooth structure. Oftentimes, a dentist detects this issue before the patient leaves the office; however, if it’s not corrected immediately, this condition allows bacteria to accumulate between the tooth and crown, where brushing and flossing can’t clean. Ultimately, infection sets in, either as dental caries (tooth decay) or gingivitis (gum disease). If the natural tooth structure beneath the crown develops decay, the crown must be removed for treatment of the tooth. In many cases, because the underlying tooth no longer has protective enamel, decay extends into the tooth’s canal, necessitating a root canal or extraction. Best case scenario, the issue is detected and corrected prior to bacterial infection.
  • Breakage. Like natural teeth, crowns can break when subjected to intense pressure. For example, patients who have a habit of chewing ice, opening items with their teeth, or eating too many hard foods place their crowns at a risk for chips and fractures. Avoid these habits to protect your dental crown.

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