Dental Crowns in Just One Visit with Your Austin Dentist

Dental crowns are a common and time-honored treatment for repairing and protecting teeth that have been structurally compromised. As a replica of your tooth’s upper portion (also called a crown), a dental crown is placed over the tooth and acts as a shield, or in some cases, a cosmetic improvement to a severely unsightly tooth. With CEREC technology from your Austin dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, you can even have your expertly-crafted dental crown placed in just one visit, restoring and improving your smile with less of a demand on your busy schedule.

The Need for a Dental Crown

Trouble with your teeth isn’t like trouble with other areas of your body. Unlike bones and other body tissues, your teeth can’t repair themselves in the aftermath of dental damage or disease. Using a dental crown to hold a cracked or fractured tooth together is a common practice, as is placing a dental crown over a tooth that has been excavated to remove tooth decay. A dental filling is placed after the excavation to replace the lost tooth structure; however, a dental crown is often placed as well to protect the compromised tooth from the stress of everyday use. In severe cases, such as tooth loss or the need for tooth extraction, a dental crown can be placed on top of a dental implant to replace the tooth and restore your mouth’s beauty and function.

One-Visit Dental Crowns with CEREC Technology

Usually, placing a dental crown requires at least two visits—one to carefully measure the tooth, and another to place the dental crown after it’s been fabricated in a special laboratory. To eliminate the waiting period, Dr. Van Wicklen may recommend a CEREC one-visit dental crown, which allows us to craft your dental crown in our own office without the need for a third-party laboratory. CEREC technology utilizes advanced 3D imaging for a clear and concise picture of your tooth and surrounding smile, then sends the precise measurements to a special, on-site milling machine. The mill will create your dental crown from the same durable, specially-tinted porcelain that closely mimics your teeth’s natural color and shine, and you can leave our office with your permanent dental crown intact.

Learn More About One-Visit Dental Crowns at Your Austin Dentist’s Office

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