How to Fix a Broken Tooth with Your Austin Dentist

Your teeth are the strongest part of your body. Unfortunately, they’re also the most used, and when they sustain structural damage, your teeth cannot repair themselves. Consequently, much of dentistry revolves around treating and repairing broken teeth before extensive damage renders them useless. Your Austin dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, has extensive experience restoring and preserving our patients’ smiles, even in the midst of extensive dental damage. Today, we explore the phenomenon of a broken tooth and how to address it for the good of your oral health.

Identifying Your Tooth’s Damage

In much the same way that your smile can fall victim to a variety of different dental diseases, your teeth can also become compromised due to numerous kinds of damage; the difference typically being the extent of damage. For instance, if your tooth is cracked, then a dental crown may be able to hold to the tooth together and protect it from further harm. A split tooth describes a crack that has been allowed to progress far enough that the tooth’s separates into two distinct parts. In such severe cases, your tooth may not salvageable, and tooth extraction might be the only option to prevent damage to the tooth’s surrounding gum tissue and jawbone.

Worst Case Scenario

If your tooth sustains enough damage to require extraction, or if the tooth is completely knocked out from the trauma, then replacing the tooth as soon as possible is essential to preserving your smile’s integrity. With innovative dental implants, Dr. Van Wicklen can expertly replace your severely broken tooth’s root-and-crown structure, providing a lifelike replacement tooth that will function as well as your healthy, natural teeth.

Treat Your Broken Tooth with Help from Your Austin Dentist

If you’ve suffered a broken tooth and would like to learn your options for fixing it, then schedule an appointment with your Austin dentist by calling 512-448-3131. Located in the 78704 area, we proudly serve the cities of Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Bastrop, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, and all surrounding communities.