Keeping Teeth Pearly White Over the Holidays

Nothing tastes better than the savory dishes and sweet treats of the holidays. However, those tasty meals and treats can wreak havoc on your teeth, yellowing them and even potentially causing cavities. Many dentist offices are closed over the holidays and are generally booked with last minute appointments. Fortunately there are several home remedies and tips that can keep your teeth pearly white and healthy over the holidays.
Home Teeth Whitening Tips
Tooth enamel is naturally porous, accumulating stains as we age. However, some stains are intrinsic, originating within teeth themselves. If you’re thinking proactively, you can order teeth whitening trays before the holiday season. Patients must first get a custom mold of their teeth, so it’s best to schedule a molding appointment before the holiday rush.
Once you’ve ordered the trays, they typically arrive within two weeks and can be worn over the holidays to ensure your teeth remain pearly white. If you missed out, there’s still home remedies you can follow that will help:
• Eat Strawberries – It may sound odd, but strawberries contain malic acid and vitamin C, which removes surface stains and washes away plaque when you chew and eat them. Many holiday desserts have strawberries as toppings, garnishings or fillings, so pick a delicious strawberry dish and savor every bite!

• Combine Baking Soda and Lemon – A mixture of baking soda and lemon juice can brighten smiles; however, only brush with this solution once a week as using this method can wear away your tooth enamel.

• Use a Straw More Often – Use a straw to drink coffee, tea and soda to avoid directly exposing your teeth to sugar. Sipping these drinks exposes your front teeth to their sugars. A straw can help you consume your favorite sugary holiday drink without exposing your teeth to them.

• Don’t Skip the Veggies – Although tantalizing sweets are a staple of holiday parties, don’t forget to eat your green beans, peas and carrots during the main course. Crunchy, healthy foods like carrots and celery act like nature’s toothbrush, whose texture helps scrub and keep teeth white and clean with their acids.
Whiten Your Teeth After the Holidays with Steven Van Wicklen D.D.S.
Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule a dentist appointment before the holidays. If you do, don’t fret; Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, D.D.S. can provide you with timely appointments and dental services. Dr. Van Wicklen’s South Austin Dentist & Orthodontics center maintains an outstanding 30 years of service and gentle care. Whether you need your teeth cleaned, examined or need whitening trays for over the holidays, Dr. Van Wicklen’s office provides several appointment times for you to choose from.

Contact South Austin Dentist & Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment to keep your teeth beautiful and pearly white over the holidays. We promise both you and your family will be impressed with your sparkly smile after receiving treatment from Dr. Van Wicklen!