Your South Austin Dentist Offers Tips for Seniors

Dr. Steven Van Wicklen has practiced dentistry in Austin, TX, for over 25 years.  His emphasis on quality care, with a sincere focus on patient comfort and rapport, is just as evident now as it was back in 1985. With his friendly, professional staff and the welcoming environment that his office conveys, it’s no surprise that your South Austin dentist has been recognized by the Austin Chronicle as the “Best of Austin.”

Today, we would like to discuss the special dental issues faced by our senior patients, and offer some tips for maintaining good oral health.

Choosing the Right Foods

Everyone knows that avoiding foods high in sugar, such as sodas and candy, is an excellent way to avoid cavities.  However, not many folks realize that some foods are capable of warding off (and even preventing) cavities. A diet rich in nutritious foods such as meats, beans, fruits, grains, and vegetables is not only great for your smile, but it’s also excellent for your overall health.

The Benefits of Prosthetics

One hundred years ago, roughly half of all Americans had lost their teeth. While more Americans are keeping their natural teeth much longer, due to advances in dentistry and fluoridated water, many seniors still face some tooth loss.  Replacing lost teeth is very important, because without the natural structure of a full set of teeth, remaining teeth may shift and you may experience a shrunken facial appearance.

Senior Oral Hygiene Tips

Like any other time in your life, you should brush twice a day and floss daily. This is true even if you have dentures or other prosthetics. If you do have dentures, make sure to clean your gum tissue with a soft cloth every day, as plaque can still accumulate on replacement teeth and gum tissue. You should also visit your South Austin dental office every six months for an exam and cleaning.

Contact Us for a Consultation

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