Is A Cavity-Free Future Possible with the Keep 32 Molecule?

Imagine a world with no toothaches, no need for fillings, and no guilt (as far as teeth go) with eating a cupcake. That’s the world two scientists—one from Yale University, and one from Universidad de Santiago in Chile—envisioned when they discovered the Keep 32 molecule. This molecule is touted with the ability to destroy the bacteria that causes cavities in one minute. Our South Austin dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen explains more about this new breakthrough in dental science and how it works for your oral health.

Keep 32 Proactively Fights Cavities

Throughout the years, cavity-causing bacteria, or streptococcus mutans, have been an evasive villain to catch. While there have been plenty of attempts to defeat the bacteria itself, many preventive dentistry treatments take a much more defensive approach. Fluoride, for example, strengthens tooth enamel against acid-forming bacteria, however, fluoride treatments do not kill S. mutans.

How Tooth Decay Progresses

The Keep 32 molecule, discovered by Jose Cordova and Erich Astudillo, takes a proactive approach to prevention by eliminating the source of cavities. S.mutans begin the process of tooth decay by metabolizing sugar and forming acid. The acid wears away tooth enamel until, the infection reaches the dentin. This soft layer of your tooth transmits the infection to the tooth pulp, which can result in extreme toothache and the need for a root canal. Further infection can cause a dental abscess, or even tooth loss.

Keep 32 Protects Positive Bacteria

Another advantage of the Keep 32 molecule is that, unlike some mouthwashes, the Keep 32 molecule leaves positive bacteria intact. These positive bacteria can also protect your teeth and gums by forming a barrier against pathogens. Microbiologists have found that our mouths are much like forests, with several hundred types of bacteria living in different regions of the mouth. You can think of the Keep 32 molecule as more of a conscientious hunter of S. mutans rather than a forest fire.

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