Why Your South Austin Dentist Doesn’t Think Your Tongue Piercing Is Cool

Thinking of Getting an Oral Piercing in Austin?

At our South Austin dental office, we believe in keeping Austin weird. We love our eclectic community and appreciate our unique patients; however, Dr. Van Wicklen has a word of warning for patients with oral piercings. In fact, you may be surprised to find that your mouth metal could be more painful in the long run than it was to have it pierced in the first place. Here are a few cautions from your South Austin dentist when it comes to oral piercings.

Tongue Piercings Can Create Craze Lines

What are craze lines? These hairline fractures in the enamel of your tooth are caused by tooth trauma. Your enamel is susceptible to these tiny cracks from teeth grinding, biting your nails, using your teeth as tools, and chewing on hard objects. When tongue piercings clash against your teeth, it can result in these vertical fractures called craze lines. The tooth cracks collect staining and become embarrassing smile imperfections overtime.

Lip Piercings Can Cause Gum Recession

In a study published by the Journal of Periodontology, researchers from Loma Linda and Ohio State dentistry schools suggested that 35% of participants with oral piercings experienced gum recession. They also suggested that lip piercings with longer barbells caused even more receding gums than other piercings because the metal could more easily reach the gingival tissue. Gum recession can lead to a variety of oral health issues including gum disease, extreme tooth sensitivity, and other infections.

Preventive Dentistry in South Austin

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