We’re All About Mouthguards this National Safety Month

Active Austin Residents: Consider Mouth Protection

Did you know that in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals, a single hockey player lost seven teeth to a dental injury in one game? The missing tooth grin may be a signature hockey look, but research suggests knocked out teeth are not isolated to the National Hockey League, or even to contact sports. Our South Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen explains the importance of mouth protection in any sport.

From rock climbing to casual paddle boarding, Austin and the Central Texas areas offer countless ways to be active. While you’re strapping on your helmet, knee pads, shin guards, or other bodily protection, consider this: facial injuries account for almost half of all sports injuries. So why not protect your mouth?

South Austin Dentist Offers Custom-Fabricated Mouthguards

For many people, mouthguards evoke negative feelings because they may feel uncomfortable, restrict deep  breathing, or look clunky. Fortunately, our South Austin dental office gives you no excuse not to wear a mouthguard. Dr. Van Wicklen offers custom-fabricated mouth protection that not only fits your mouth but also fits your needs.

At your next dental visit, Dr. Van Wicklen can take a precise mold of your occlusion so that your mouthguard fits like a glove. These oral appliances do not rely on uncomfortably clenching your jaw to stay in place, rather they fit optimally over your top teeth. This allows unrestricted air flow and maximum comfort. Most importantly, our mouthguards offer complete protection against facial trauma, biting down on your tongue, and blunt force to your smile.

Preventive Dentistry in South Austin

If you would like to protect your pearly whites for years to come with preventive dental care, contact Dr. Van Wicklen. You can reach our Austin, Texas dental office at (512) 448-3131. We take care of patients throughout the South Austin area.