Will Whitened Teeth Last?

Many people wonder how long whitened teeth will last. Dr. Steven Van Wicklen does a fantastic job whitening teeth, but the length your teeth stay white is largely up to you.

The questions and answers below can provide much of the information you may be seeking.  teethwhitening

Q: Are there any foods that might help me keep my teeth white?

A: Yes, there are. Apples, pears, and “hard” fruits are a great way to keep your teeth white.

Fresh vegetables eaten raw are also good. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and green bean are beneficial.

Q:  What about lipstick and whitened teeth?

A:  If you are always getting lipstick on your teeth, you may want to consider using a lip gloss instead. Lipstick often leads to teeth discoloration.

Q:  What dental products should I use?

A:  Dr. Van Wicklen can recommend several to you, but fluoride toothpaste with whitening ingredients is helpful. Be very careful of what kind of mouthwash you use. Some can cause staining.

Q: What else can I do?

A: Rest is extremely important. Just like your general health, your dental health is influenced by stress. Getting an adequate amount of rest is vital.

Also important is brushing after every meal. Most people tend to brush only after breakfast and dinner, but it is not hard to brush after lunch also. Just carry a small toothbrush – one that will fit in your purse or your pocket with a small tube of toothpaste.

Flossing every day is also very helpful. This will not only keep your teeth healthy, but it will help them stay white.

Q: What about beverages and whitened teeth?

A: Nothing beats water especially, if the water is fluoridated. Mineral water is also great.

If you want a cola, tea, or coffee, using a straw is preferable. Red wine can also stain your teeth.

Q: What about tobacco?

A: If you smoke or chew, now would be a great time to stop. Tobacco in any form will stain your teeth.

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