Austin TX Dentist Tells You about CEREC Crowns

A broken tooth can cause quite a shock. After all, we think of our teeth as strong and don’t expect them to become damaged. However, sometimes wear and decay can weaken them to the point that they suffer structural damage, necessitating a dental crown. By traditional methods, this would mean a process of several dental visits during which the crown would be created at an off-site lab from a mold of the damaged tooth. However, CEREC crowns have revolutionized the process of receiving a dental crown. To learn more, read the information below provided by your Austin TX dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen.

What Are CEREC Crowns?

CEREC crowns are crowns that are created in the dental office while you wait. Instead of relying on an off-site lab to make a custom dental crown from the information gleaned through a mold, your Austin TX dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, can create a dental crown designed specifically for you while you wait in the dental office. CEREC crowns cut down the number of dental visits required to receive a dental crown, making the process faster and more efficient. Also, because you can get your dental crown in a single day, you will not have to wear a temporary crown.

The process of creating a CEREC crown relies on 3D technology and computer design to create a personalized dental crown. Dr. Van Wicklen will take 3D images of your tooth, which he will download to a computer in order to design your custom dental crown. Next, he will send the design to a milling machine located within the dental office. Finally, the crown will be stained and glazed before it is fitted over your damaged tooth.

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