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How Modern Dentistry Saves You Time

Have you ever wondered why, with all of our modern conveniences, you never seem to have enough time? We have access to a level of technology undreamed of by previous generations, yet we feel constantly harried, jetting from home to work to school and all points in between with hardly a moment to take a… Read more »

Your Guide to Dental Crowns

A closer look at the materials used to make dental crowns reveals that each type of dental crown has a different objective. Some materials are used in order to create strength. Others are meant more for cosmetic results. Still others seek to combine strength and appearance. With several possible options for dental crowns, it is… Read more »

What Causes a Broken Tooth?

It may seem strange that teeth, coated in the body’s hardest material (enamel), can actually break. However, when teeth break, it is not usually an instantaneous process. Oftentimes, teeth break after they have been weakened over prolonged periods of time. Thus according to your Austin TX dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, two of the most… Read more »