Your Guide to Dental Crowns

A closer look at the materials used to make dental crowns reveals that each type of dental crown has a different objective. Some materials are used in order to create strength. Others are meant more for cosmetic results. Still others seek to combine strength and appearance. With several possible options for dental crowns, it is important to know which type of crown will work best for you. The answer, according to your Austin TX dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, depends upon where your damaged tooth resides in your mouth.

Dental Crowns and the Back of the Mouth

Did you know that bite force is greater towards the back of the mouth than it is towards the front of the mouth? As a result, dental crowns meant for the rear of the mouth must be strong enough to withstand the powerful bite force. Thus, all-metal crowns and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns are the typical crowns of choice. All-metal crowns are very strong, but they tend to stand out next to natural teeth. PFM crowns feature a strong under layer of metal covered by a tooth-colored covering of porcelain. They are, therefore, strong while offering some nice cosmetic touches.

Dental Crowns and the Front of the Mouth

Because the bite force is reduced towards the front of the mouth, the crowns used to repair teeth in this area do not need to be quite as strong. They do, however, need to be very convincing, which is why porcelain crowns tend to be the crowns of choice for restorations in this area. Porcelain crowns are widely considered to offer the best cosmetic results of any dental crown. Not only are they customized to blend in with each patient’s smile, but they are also designed to mimic the reflective and partially translucent qualities of living teeth, making them very convincing restorations regardless of the angle or quality of light in which they are viewed.

Dental Crowns in Austin TX

Your Austin TX dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, has many years of experience restoring patients’ smiles with dental crowns. In addition, he is one of few dentists who are able to restore their patients’ teeth with custom dental crowns in only a single dental visit. To accomplish this highly convenient feat, Dr. Van Wicklen makes use of 3D technology and an on-site milling machine that creates his designs for patients while they wait in the dental office.

About Dr. Steven Van Wicklen: Dr. Steven Van Wicklen has been serving patients in Austin TX since 1985. New patients can schedule an appointment or a consultation by calling (512) 448-3131.