Austin TX Dentist Helps You Identify Gum Disease

Do you know what gum disease looks like? Many people do not. However, with the devastating potential of gum disease, it is important that you be able to recognize it so that you can receive prompt care upon discovering it. To learn the symptoms of gum disease, read the information below from your Austin TX dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen.

The Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease can have a few different faces by which you can recognize it depending upon how far the disease has progressed. If gingivitis (the inflammation of the gums) is the culprit, gums will typically appear swollen and red. They may bleed easily, and they may be painful. If periodontitis is present, pockets may develop between the gums and the teeth. These pockets are teeming with bacteria, a situation which typically creates lingering bad breath. Additionally, teeth may loosen, shift, or even fall out because periodontitis attacks the ligaments and tissues that support teeth. As these vital structures decay, teeth will loosen and are at risk of falling out.

Gum Disease Prevention

To prevent gum disease it is important that you rid your mouth of harmful bacteria. To do so, you must implement good homecare habits. These habits include brushing 2-3 times per day for about 3 minutes. While brushing, you should angle the bristles of your toothbrush toward the gum line. Doing so removes bacteria from the vicinity of the gums, lowering the likelihood that gum disease will develop. You should also floss at least once a day to remove bacteria from the crevices between teeth. Lastly, attend regular dental cleanings. These cleanings allow a trained hygienist to remove bacteria-ridden plaque and tartar from teeth.

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