How Modern Dentistry Saves You Time

CheckUpHave you ever wondered why, with all of our modern conveniences, you never seem to have enough time? We have access to a level of technology undreamed of by previous generations, yet we feel constantly harried, jetting from home to work to school and all points in between with hardly a moment to take a breath and reflect. While medical experts bemoan the impact all of this busyness has on our collective health and theorists speculate that we stay busy to give our lives meaning, your dentist has modern technology available to help make less of an impact on your schedule.

Lab-made Crowns: Traditional and Time Consuming

Your dentist might recommend placing a crown for a number of reasons: to reinforce a tooth damaged by decay, to replace a large filling that can no longer protect the tooth’s interior, or to cover an unsightly tooth that’s marring the beauty of your smile. In the past, having a crown placed required at least two separate appointments (one where the tooth was prepared and impressions taken, a second where the lab-made crown was placed, and even a third or fourth appointment if the lab didn’t get the crown right the first time) and a total time investment of several weeks.

Saving Time with CEREC One Visit Crowns

Today, CEREC technology has taken the crown fabrication process out of the lab and placed it directly into your dentist’s office. With CEREC, the need for second (or third or fourth) followup appointments has been eliminated. After preparing and taking impressions of the tooth, your dentist designs the crown on a computer, using 3D imaging and computer-assisted design software. Once the design is complete, it transmits to a milling machine, where high-pressure jets of sand and water carve the crown out of a block of dental porcelain. Once milled, your dentist can tint and glaze the crown, make any adjustments needed to ensure a precision fit, and then bond the crown into place. In total, a process that once required several weeks and multiple office visits can be completed in an hour or two during a single appointment.

About Your Austin Dentist

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