Six Bad Dental Habits

Good hygiene is important to keep your teeth healthy, but you have to do it correctly. If you relate to any of these top worst dental habits, visit Dr. Van Wicklen to restore your smile.

  1. Improper Brushing: Brushing incorrectly does more harm than good. Top brushing mistakes include brushing too hard, not often enough, and neglecting certain areas of your mouth. It’s important to follow proper brushing behaviors to scrub your mouth clean of bacteria.
  2. Improper Flossing: Most people neglect flossing to begin with, but those that do it may not do it correctly. Bacteria can build up between your teeth in hard-to-reach areas for your toothbrush. Flossing mistakes include skipping flossing and not using enough floss.
  3. Using Only Mouthwash: Many people think that mouthwash kills bacteria from all over your mouth, and can be substituted for brushing and flossing. Brushing and flossing helps scrub away and remove bacteria stuck on teeth. Mouthwash follows standard hygiene to kill what’s lingering in your mouth and freshen your breath.
  4. Foods and Beverages: The bacteria in your mouth destroy your smile by feeding off what you eat. A diet high in sugar will contribute to tooth decay, and excessive dark colors will lead to staining. Ask Dr. Van Wicklen how to consume a healthy, balanced diet that’s safe for your teeth. You should also rinse your mouth out with water after eating.
  5. Ignoring Pain: You should report any changes in your mouth to Dr. Van Wicklen immediately. Tooth pain, bleeding gums, swelling, dry mouth, sores, and other signs in your mouth could be the start of serious dental or health problems. Oral changes could be caused by poor diet, medications, infections, or systemic illnesses. When something hurts, something is wrong!
  6. Skipping Dentist Appointments: Every six months, Dr. Van Wicklen will examine your mouth to spot any potential changes or problems that are developing. Delaying or missing your checkup or treatment will worsen your issues and need more complicated treatments. Maintaining your scheduled appointments will save time and money in the long run.

Oral care mistakes can damage your smile. Visit Dr. Van Wicklen to protect your mouth from bad dental habits. Contact our dentist office in Austin, Texas at (512) 448-3131 to request an appointment.