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Austin Family Dentist Wants to Discuss Your Heart Health

February marks American Heart Month, dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of heart disease. Keeping your heart healthy, however, is a lifelong practice. So what does your dental health have to do with your cardiovascular wellbeing? More than you may think, actually. A plethora of studies examining oral-systemic health (the relationship between your oral… Read more »

Why Ignoring Crooked Teeth Should Not Be an Option

The position of your teeth is an important consideration in your mouth’s proper function. Your teeth must be properly aligned to efficiently displace the pressure of the powerful human bite. When one or more of your teeth are crooked, it can lead to complications throughout your oral health. Your Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, explains… Read more »

How Amazing is the Human Tongue?

You may not consider your tongue when you ponder your oral health care, but the truth is that the muscle is as vital as your teeth and gums when it comes to your mouth’s health and function. Not only does your tongue allow you to eat and speak clearly, it can also warn you of… Read more »

Single-Visit Dental Crowns at Your Austin Dentist’s Office

Time is of the essence when treating your dental issues, but in today’s hectic society, finding time to sit in a chair can be difficult. Unfortunately, dental maladies such as tooth decay, gum disease, or complications from a structurally damaged tooth do not wait for anyone, regardless of how busy you are. As progressive diseases,… Read more »

Hey, Gums, Where are You Going?

Many people seem to be under the impression that gum disease is a natural occurrence and should be considered inevitable. Granted, gum disease is common; around 80% of adults in America have some form of the chronic disease, and it remains the number one cause of adult tooth loss.  However, its prevalence among us does… Read more »