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The Beauty of Invisalign Clear Braces, with Your Austin Dentist

Crooked teeth can make any smile look less than appealing, but convincing older teens and adults to wear conventional metal braces can sometimes be a challenge. As you grow older and more professional, you may become more concerned about the image you project, and your level of confidence greatly affects your professional and personal interactions…. Read more »

When Gum Disease Grows Ambitious

As the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America, you could argue that gum disease’s effect on your oral health makes it one of the most ambitious known oral illnesses. While you might be correct, the damage that gum disease causes inside your mouth may only be a fraction of the destruction that it… Read more »

Dental Emergency? Don’t Panic, Call Your Austin Dentist

By their definitions, dental emergencies are unexpected. Because they often involve structural damage to some degree, dental emergencies can pose a threat to your entire your oral health depending on the severity of the situation. If you diligently practice your oral hygiene routine in the hopes of preventing any damage to your oral health, then… Read more »

Thorough Dental Cleanings in Austin

Last week, we discussed the importance of supplementing your daily hygiene routine with regular visits to your family dentist every six months (or sooner, if recommended). You may know that brushing and flossing your teeth every day helps control the buildup of dental plaque, which is comprised almost entirely of various oral bacteria, some of… Read more »