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Advice from Your Emergency Dentist

By definition, emergencies are sudden, urgent, and usually unexpected. While most dental emergencies live up to that standard, some can be the advanced results of a pre-existing condition. For instance, a sudden, severe toothache can indicate a recent traumatic injury, or it can develop because a cavity is exposing the nerves in your tooth. Whenever… Read more »

You Broke a Tooth. Now What?

You’ve clenched and ground your teeth until one of them broke, or tooth decay weakened your tooth enough that the right amount of pressure caused it to break. Or, perhaps you were in an accident, or a fight, and your tooth broke from blunt force trauma. Regardless of how it happened, your tooth broke, and… Read more »

Austin Dentist: Don’t Forget Your Mouthguard

If you play a contact sport, you know the importance of wearing padding. Without it, the sport would be far less enjoyable, more dangerous, and far more painful. However, protective gear for a contact sport should also include a mouthguard to protect teeth and the mouth from sudden, jarring collisions. Neglecting a mouthguard, on the… Read more »

Austin Dentist Asks: Is Your Toothache an Emergency?

A toothache is no trivial matter. In fact, over 25% of working adults in America admit to having taken time off of work to deal with one or more troublesome teeth. A tooth can hurt to varying degrees, and can be caused by a number of different, sometimes unrelated, factors. Therefore, before finding relief, you… Read more »

Dental Emergency? Don’t Panic, Call Your Austin Dentist

By their definitions, dental emergencies are unexpected. Because they often involve structural damage to some degree, dental emergencies can pose a threat to your entire your oral health depending on the severity of the situation. If you diligently practice your oral hygiene routine in the hopes of preventing any damage to your oral health, then… Read more »

What to Do for a Dental Emergency in Austin

Our South Austin dentist understands that Austinites are adventurous people. Whether your stand-up paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake, climbing Enchanted Rock, or taking a dip in Barton Creek, we want you to be prepared for a dental emergency. That’s why our South Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, offers emergency dental appointments. Dr. Van Wicklen will… Read more »