More Tooth Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner, from Your Austin Dentist

Last week, we explained the dangers your teeth face this Thanksgiving, and discussed a study that suggests cranberries can help you fight tooth decay. Since tomorrow is the big day, we’d like to take the time to suggest some other dishes, herbs, and spices that can help benefit your oral health. We hope these tips from Austin dentist Dr. Van Wicklen helps your teeth stay strong this season, and beyond. Enjoy!

Eat For Your Teeth’s Sake

  • Turkey—Luckily, the typical main Thanksgiving course is one of your teeth’s strongest supporters. The succulent bird contains ample amounts of phosphorous, which your tooth enamel needs to remain strong. It also contains calcium, which serves the same purpose as well as strengthening your jawbone, where your teeth’s roots are anchored.
  • Cheese—As a dairy product, cheese is also rich in calcium and phosphate. Eating cheese will bathe your teeth in these minerals, and the extra protection against acid erosion may protect you from one or more cavities during your feast.
  • Cranberries—As we mentioned in last week’s article, cranberries contain compounds that inhibit bacteria’s ability to form dental plaque. Without this sticky protective biofilm, bacteria cannot produce as much acid, and the threat to your teeth’s integrity is significantly lessened.
  • Red wine—Great news for wine lovers; the red beverage contains antioxidants that can help fight bacterial infection. It also contains tannins, which help stimulate saliva production. Saliva is your natural protection against acid, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.
  • Leafy green vegetables—Leafy veggies like lettuce contain vitamins A and C, which both contribute to your gum’s good health. These vitamins also help repair damage from some forms of gum disease.
  • Pumpkin pie—Yes, there is a dessert that can help your teeth. Pumpkins are high in vitamin C and calcium, and as a bonus, it tastes as though it were bad for your diet!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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