Austin, TX Dentist: Why Have You Lost a Tooth?

Do you have a few missing teeth and wondered, why have I lost a tooth or two? Rest assured this a question many Americans ask themselves and their dentists. The answer is that there isn’t one clear-cut answer. The problem with tooth loss is that it can stem from a number of different reasons, which is dependent upon each patient and their individual oral health.

To explain the causes of a lost tooth, your Austin, TX dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, shares the following information with his patients.

Common Factors that Cause Tooth Loss

  • Poor oral hygiene. Not caring for you teeth properly is one of the leading causes for tooth loss. Improper teeth cleaning or poor oral hygiene in general causes tooth decay, gum disease, and the more severe cases tooth loss. The good news is that oral hygiene can always improve. During the next visit to your Austin, TX dentist, ask for oral care tips.
  • Malnutrition. An unhealthy diet not only wreaks havoc upon your body, it makes your teeth suffer, too. Patients who frequently eat acidic or sugary foods become more susceptible to tooth decay. Instead, try eating more crunchy fruits and veggies, which promotes a healthier smile and body.
  • Dental trauma. Sometimes losing teeth is the cause of dental trauma. This can happen during a rigorous sport like hockey or football. On the other hand, a severe car accident or fall could also cause patients to lose a tooth.
  • Teeth grinding habits. Nighttime habits, such as, teeth grinding and clenching can lead to tooth loss, if the it’s not treated properly. Teeth grinders have worn down and cracked teeth that lose their functionality. In the more extreme cases, a dentist may have to extract a tooth and replace it altogether.

Visit Your Austin, TX Dentist for Preventative Dental Care

If you have more questions about why or how you lost a tooth, talk to Dr. Van Wicklen. He can explain the main reasons why many people endure tooth loss and teach you how to prevent it from happening. To schedule an appointment with our Austin, TX dental practice, call us at (512) 448-3131. Also, visit our website for services, patient forms, and to read more about the team. We happily welcome patients from Bouldin, East Cesar Chavez, South River City, Zilker, Riverside, Rosewood, Chestnut, and the surrounding areas.