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The Long Arm of Gum Disease

Chances are that you’ve heard of gum disease before, but are you aware that it is the number one cause of adult tooth loss in America? As it affects nearly 70% of America’s adult population with different levels of severity, gum disease should not be taken lightly, especially in light of research that suggests the… Read more »

Things to Know About Gum Disease

If you haven’t been told that you have gum disease, then it may not seem like such a big deal. Your teeth are sturdy, your gums don’t hurt, and the destructive consequences of gum disease may seem like a distant threat. Austin dentist, Dr. Van Wicklen, warns that such detachment might lead you to become… Read more »

When Gum Disease Grows Ambitious

As the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America, you could argue that gum disease’s effect on your oral health makes it one of the most ambitious known oral illnesses. While you might be correct, the damage that gum disease causes inside your mouth may only be a fraction of the destruction that it… Read more »

Austin Family Dentist Wants to Discuss Your Heart Health

February marks American Heart Month, dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of heart disease. Keeping your heart healthy, however, is a lifelong practice. So what does your dental health have to do with your cardiovascular wellbeing? More than you may think, actually. A plethora of studies examining oral-systemic health (the relationship between your oral… Read more »