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Prosthetic and Aesthetic Dentistry in Austin

All dentists strive to keep their patients’ teeth and gums healthy, but not all dentists have the knowledge and skills needed to restore function and comfort to their patients’ smiles with restorative dentistry and beautify their patients’ smiles with cosmetic dentistry. South Austin dentist Dr. Steven Van Wicklen does both. Defining Aesthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry… Read more »

One-Day Dental Crowns from Your South Austin Dentist

South Austin cosmetic dentist Dr. Steven Van Wicklen strives to provide only the most innovative and advanced dental treatments and procedures to his dental patients. To do this, Dr. Van Wicklen is proud to offer a number of state-of-the art technologies and techniques to his patients from across the greater Austin area. Today, Dr. Van… Read more »

Prosthetic Dentistry from Your Austin Dentist

A few weeks ago, we talked about cosmetic dentistry, which is also called aesthetic dentistry. Austin dentist Dr. Stephen Van Wicklen is renowned in the art of aesthetic dentistry, but he is also highly skilled in another popular form of dental care: prosthetic dentistry. What is Prosthetic Dentistry? Because your teeth are a functioning mechanism… Read more »