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How to Fix a Broken Tooth with Your Austin Dentist

Your teeth are the strongest part of your body. Unfortunately, they’re also the most used, and when they sustain structural damage, your teeth cannot repair themselves. Consequently, much of dentistry revolves around treating and repairing broken teeth before extensive damage renders them useless. Your Austin dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, has extensive experience restoring and… Read more »

The Need for Dental Fillings, with Your Austin Family Dentist

Dental fillings are among the most common dental treatments today. Considering that 90% of adults in America have experienced tooth decay in at least one permanent tooth, the dental filling’s popularity isn’t exactly an anomaly. At your Austin dentist’s office, Dr. Van Wicklen offers advanced dental fillings made of white composite resin to restore your… Read more »

Single-Visit Dental Crowns at Your Austin Dentist’s Office

Time is of the essence when treating your dental issues, but in today’s hectic society, finding time to sit in a chair can be difficult. Unfortunately, dental maladies such as tooth decay, gum disease, or complications from a structurally damaged tooth do not wait for anyone, regardless of how busy you are. As progressive diseases,… Read more »

South Austin Dentist Explains the Difference between Full Dentures and Partial Dentures

Replacing Missing Teeth in South Austin Our South Austin dentist, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, offers several options for replacing missing teeth, from dental implant restorations, to removable appliances, full dentures, and partial dentures. If you have missing teeth, do not wait for more dental issues to crop up as a result. Address tooth loss with… Read more »