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Broken Tooth? Austin, TX Dentist Explains What to Do

Do you know how to treat a broken tooth? If you’ve answered no, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know how to treat or handle a dental emergency. However, by taking the correct steps, patients can avoid causing any further damage to the affected area. Here, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen, your Austin, TX dentist discusses… Read more »

How Amazing is the Human Tongue?

You may not consider your tongue when you ponder your oral health care, but the truth is that the muscle is as vital as your teeth and gums when it comes to your mouth’s health and function. Not only does your tongue allow you to eat and speak clearly, it can also warn you of… Read more »

Austin Dentist Warns: Beware the Uninvited Thanksgiving Dinner Guests

Dinner tables will be crowded with friends and family this Thanksgiving, most of them smiling and happy to be together (hopefully). Many families, however, will also have to endure the presence of the black sheep—the one (or more) family member that always seems to cause trouble and tension, and most family members tolerate simply because… Read more »

Smokeless Tobacco Causes Oral Cancer

The fact that tobacco causes cancer may come as no shock to most people. While tobacco is derived from a plant, by the time it hits store shelves it contains thousands of additional chemicals, some of which may surprise and disturb you. Dental professionals know well that tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, can be a… Read more »